As our lives change, our priorities and needs evolve.

Sometimes this extends into the spaces that we occupy most of the time – our homes.

Whether you require some functional upgrades or a beauty boost, your renovation needs are valid.

At Blue Sky Building & Restorations, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional results for homeowners, every time.

We offer an array of services when it comes to renovations which include:

Patio or deck upgrades

Home Extensions (First Floor Additions)

Upgrade for bathrooms & Kitchens

Putting up interior Walls to add more rooms

Transforming garages into study, work or recreational spaces.

Re working interior layouts for optimal use

Renovations to brand new builds, we will walk you through the 4 ‘C’s of BSBR.


Let your imagination turn into a reality. Reach out to BSBR on 02 9966 8877.

Conceptual Design & BSBR Engaged

Establish what part of the process we are in. Design concepts discuss & feasibility of design.

Costings, Approvals, Contracts & Commencement

Formally engage BSBR as we enter a positive step forward. Prepare necessary legalities with council, co-ordiante documents, govt. fees & planning approval issued if need be. Start scope of work with dates of worked to be outlined by BSBR to the client.


Pratical completion. Certificates issued where necessary. Handover.

Our Happy Clients and Partners